About Us

Our Mission

Empower communities to provide suicide prevention, intervention & response to suicide attempts & completions, in order to reduce the number of suicide deaths.

Our Vision

To reduce the suicide rate, to eliminate the stigma, and to increase survivor (individuals touched by suicide) support.

Our Goals


Adolescent and Transitional Age Suicide Prevention

To provide opportunities for youth and young adults to recognize at-risk behaviors and encourage peer to peer support and assistance.

Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention

To educate adults/older adults, family, and community to promote and encourage optimal physical and mental wellness.



To provide programs, education, and awareness to specific community populations, i.e., military, domestic violence, workplace, schools, and faith-based communities.

Suicide Prevention

Raising awareness of suicide through marketing, media, communication, and education

Board Members:


Cindy Richard - President and Founder

Gail Sagner - Vice President

Tamara Ramer - Secretary

Lisa Benkert - Treasurer

Bruce Bartz

Dalynet Torres-Cruz

Pam Gay

Pat Bishard

Lucy Cadwallader